7-9th July 2020

A 3-day virtual summit of visionaries, panels, networking & co-creation sessions to build a socially, ecologically resilient economy.

3 days
30 speakers
20 themes
Local value and resilience
Public health
Networking, discussion and co-creation
Company governance fit for the future
Showcasing future practice
Visions of a better Devon
Ideas into action
Amazing employers for meaningful livelihoods

Why this? Why now?

This past year of climate emergency declarations, pandemic lockdown and economic crisis have intensified calls for a ‘green new deal’ and 'build back better’. We are in a moment of tremendous potential. What kind of change is possible?

Over the upcoming months and years we’ll all be making decisions about how we re-build our households, communities and economy and the choices that we make now will ripple long into the future. It is a real opportunity to arm ourselves with our greatest tools and attributes and design an economy that will be socially and ecologically resilient for the future. Within this, enterprise has the opportunity to play a huge role in creating shared value across society. 

The Social Enterprise Networks of Plymouth (PSEN), Exeter (ESSENCE) and Torbay (Local Spark Torbay) are hosting this 3-day virtual summit; rising together across sectors to build a socially and ecologically resilient economy. The vision and funding for this Summit come forth from the SIMPL (Social Investment Market Place Links) project.

The SIMPL partnership wants to see the growth of a robust social economy across Devon (and beyond). This means an economy that supports strong local economic activity; that actively promotes the well-being of people and planet; one that reduces inequality and one that finds ways to restore and regenerate our natural world.


Speakers and Hosts

From panelists to case studies and discussion hosts, we're so very thankful to this line up of inspiring people bringing their vision and wisdom to this Summit. We invite you to bring your ideas, experience and visions to the table with them.


DAY 1: Envisioning a better Devon

We're starting the Summit thinking boldly and broadly about what a socially and ecologically resilient economy could look like in Devon. Join a networking launch to speed-date with actors across the Devon economy. Enter discussions with the visionary panel, drawing upon inspiring examples about what a better Devon economy could look like. And participate in a co-creation session about what Devon in 10 years could be if we #BuildBackBetter now.

DAY 2: Showcasing future practice

So how do we build and shape our enterprises to help build this kind of future economy in Devon? What kind of practice can we build look to for inspiration? This day showcases exemplary practice from a range of businesses across Devon and asks what you have been developing your business and how collectively we can enable the role of business in the economy to be fit for the future. A visual scribe will draw up lessons into practice Playbooks that will be circulated beyond the Summit. From amazing employers to climate stewards, new company governance, building local value and resilience and embedding innovation and entrepreneurship. Get inspired to #BuildBackBetter in your own work. Don't forget the after hours cocktail party!

DAY 3 - Ideas into Action

Day 3 will have the Doughnut Economics Action Lab team talking about using the doughnut as a tool/lens through which to coordinate work towards a socially and ecologically resilient economy. We're going to follow this with a co-creation session to start identifying sources of data through which we could create a Devon doughnut and use this as a tool to help guide Devon's economic regeneration. The Open Space event will help you to bring your own working group to the table or to join a group to take action beyond the Summit. The wrap-up will sum-up conversations, celebrate the passion and energy at the table and drive us all forward to our next actions together.

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